30 day manifestation journal. Daily prompts and activities to fulfill to put you on the right path of healing from your past, letting go of ideas and feelings that are obstacles to growth and success. Price includes shipping. Shipping is 1-4 business days.

Confluent Feminine & Masculine Energy. How to deeply heal your wounded energies, release pain and anger and become the best version of yourself. Learn how to see each side of yourself and others and determine how they work together or against each other 

Build multiple streams of income within your hair business

Instagram and Facebook Ads strategies to build your brand. Step by step instructions

SEO step by step instructions to increase the organic reach on your website! Can also be used for Facebook, IG and YouTube

wholesale fashion nail vendors for nail techs to create additional streams of income

coming soon

wholesale clothing, shoes and handbag vendors. over 50 vendors

Over 5 vendors that include raw and virgin hair extensions. Indian, SEA, Cambodian

wholesale perfume and fragrance vendors

Bundle deal for Instagram and Facebook Ads, 30 Day IG Planner and SEO  building for your website to increase organic traffic

wholesale vendors for lingerie and pajama sets

wholesale vendors for fashion nails

wholesale vendors for men fashion, casual, formal, outerwear, sport wear, etc

wholesale vendor for shades

wholesale vendors for makeup. Can create your own line, private label and logo design. LIP GLOSS INCLUDED

wholesale vendors for raw and virgin hair extensions

wholesale vendors for women shoes. Heels, boots, sneakers, flats, etc

wholesale vendors for mink lashes, 3D, 7D and brow products

wholesale vendors for costume jewelry, Earrings, bracelets, rings, etcs

wholesale vendors for nail polish. Create your own label

regardless of the industry you choose to do business in this ebook was design to help you build the foundation of your business on the legal end.

wholesale vendors for fashion nails. Both ebooks included 1&2 bundle deal

wholesale vendors for raw and virgin hair extensions

wholesale vendors for man weaves / man units

wholesale vendors for raw and virgin hair extensions

wholesale vendors for hair care products, develop your own or offer private label

Basic Principles on approaching social media to build your brand and connect with your audience

Basic Practices for handling customers and providing great customer service

Basic Practices for pricing your products

Business Bundle Instagram/ Facebook Ads and Instagram 30 Day IG Planner

30 day Instagram planner. Assist in what to post, how to find the best hashtags, how to connect with your audience, best ways to take pictures, and how to use IG stories to grow your business

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